SAUTER facility management
FM from the specialist for building management and energy efficiency

SAUTER FM is facility management from the specialist for building management and energy efficiency. With its expertise and its holistic approach, SAUTER FM ensures value retention, security and sustainability for your properties.

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Technical FM

Technisches FMTechnical facility management from SAUTER guarantees security and efficiency in all technical equipment systems.

Commercial FM

Kaufmännisches FMSAUTER facility management takes care of all the commercial aspects relating to the management of your properties.

Energy-conscious FM

Energiebewusstes FMEnergy-conscious facility management from SAUTER is based on a holistic energy and operating concept.

Infrastructural FM

Infrastrukturelles FMInfrastructural facility management from SAUTER provides comprehensive services in and around your building.

Quality & processes

Qualität und ProzesseSAUTER uses structured processes to ensure the highest quality and the implementation of legal specifications.


ReferenzenBig and small names from our customer portfolio recommend holistic facility management from SAUTER.

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