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Satisfied customers are the best reference

SAUTER Facility Management ensures good operating conditions in many buildings that are familiar to you,

for example, in shopping centres, automotive industry real estate, airports and train stations, as well as in public buildings, exhibition halls, industrial estates and office properties.

High-rise buildings

  • Bavaria Towers, Munich
  • Higlight Towers, Munich



  • A.T.U. (north, south-east and east regions)


Office buildings

  • Die Macherei, Munich
  • Axel Springer SE, Berlin
  • Industriepark, Ettlingen
  • Seestern, Düsseldorf




  • Sirius Business Park, Mannheim

Other real estate

  • Am Zirkus, Berlin
  • Caritasverband LK Karlsruhe, Ettlingen
  • DomAquarée, Berlin
  • Landesfeuerwehrschule Baden-Württemberg, Bruchsal
  • Urban Soul, Bonn
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