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Commercial FM / property management

Commercial FM /

property management

Commercial facility management, or property management, deals with all the processes relating to the property between asset management and technical facility management. Of particular importance here is to be aware of both the goals of the property owner and the needs of the tenants and users. SAUTER pursues this goal with a defined process based on combining a wide range of expertise, high-level analyses and precise deductions.

Property management / tenant management

Tenancy is at the heart of property management at SAUTER FM GmbH.

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Operating and heating cost accouting

The preparation of annual operating and heating cost accounts is one of the core tasks of the commercial facility management.

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Accounting / bookkeeping

Commercial property accounting covers all accounting processes, auditing and account assignment, liquidity planning, and payment transactions for the mandated properties.

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Reporting / economic and budget planning and control

Transparent and accurate reporting, economic and budget planning for properties, and property packages, form the basis for focused and forward-looking action in the short, medium and long terms.

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Planning implementation and control of building measures

With regard to the planning, implementation and control of the execution of construction measures in properties, the property management plays an essential coordinating and controlling role at the interface with owners, project developers, executing specialist companies, tenants and the technical property management.

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