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SAUTER Germany enters into strategic partnership with MeteoViva

18. November 2021 | Press release

SAUTER Germany enters into strategic partnership with MeteoViva

Smart systems are increasingly finding their way into all areas of life. With intelligent, predictive building control, owners, operators and users alike benefit from the technological possibilities of smart building automation.

For more than 100 years, Sauter-Cumulus GmbH has been intensively involved in building automation and building operation. One of the main focuses of the expert for plant regulation and control is currently the adaptation of new technologies for automatic optimisation of building automation with maximum efficiency and comfort for the user. At the same time, the growing need for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions is to be taken into account. Through the strategic partnership with MeteoViva GmbH, the specialist for smart data solutions in building management, SAUTER is taking a further step into the future and combining current technology topics such as smart data with the technical possibilities of building automation towards predictive building operation.

This solution takes into account the needs of all stakeholders, from tenants and users to operators and investors alike. Tenants want a pleasant, individual, stable room climate. To ensure this in the long term, the performance of the installed HVAC system must adapt to changing environmental conditions as easily as possible and without unnecessary delays. At the same time, energy costs should be kept permanently low wherever possible, and benefits should be derived in the future from the use of variable energy and performance prices. At the same time, the importance of a building’s own carbon footprint is growing, which is also positively influenced by efficient and demand-controlled air conditioning.

Building operators are interested in permanently reducing operating costs, with additional factors such as investments in HVAC systems and their trouble-free operation coming to the fore. Furthermore, environmental aspects are also becoming increasingly important here, not least for image reasons. The combination of SAUTER Analytics and MeteoViva Climate enables an automatic optimisation of building control, i.e. buildings are operated optimally without the intervention of room climate specialists.

In the new partnership, SAUTER and MeteoViva combine their respective expertise. MeteoViva Climate provides optimised control data for the building technology. This control data is based on building-specific simulation calculations that include all relevant factors such as building physics and building technology and combine them with variable influences such as usage parameters, current energy and performance prices and weather data. The control data permanently modelled in this way is transferred via a native interface to the building automation systems developed and operated by SAUTER, where it ensures optimised control of the connected system components.

“With MeteoViva Climate, we succeed in reducing the energy consumption of an HVAC system by up to 40 percent,” underlines Dr Stefan Hardt, spokesman for the management of MeteoViva GmbH. “Through the strategic partnership with Sauter-Cumulus GmbH, we reach an even larger target group and reduce the expense required by our shared customers.”

For the customers of Sauter-Cumulus GmbH, the partnership also offers a variety of benefits. In addition to the concrete savings potential from the continuous automatic optimisation of the building control, customers benefit from the synergy effects of the partnership. With SAUTER, the customer continues to have an expert, central contact partner for the entire building automation, and this significantly simplifies the operation of the two systems. In addition, the partnership includes the coordination of the required interface technology, one of the central cost factors in the integration of modelling data into the building management system. There are also advantages for the engineering and in the ongoing joint operation.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our customers another building block of the building control technology with our new partner MeteoViva and with predictive building control,” explains Werner Ottilinger, Managing Director of Sauter-Cumulus GmbH. “Together we are equipping our customers – both in new buildings and existing ones – for the future.”

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