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Servicing includes all technical and administrative measures relating to the inspection, maintenance and repair of your technical building systems. We look after your property with the aim of keeping your technical systems in the required condition through the entire life cycle of the building, and restoring it in the event of faults.


  • Carrying out all prescribed inspections for technical building systems
  • Regularly surveying and assessing the current condition of technical systems using appropriate measures
  • Documenting identified weaknesses and developing individual optimisation concepts


  • Based on VDMA 24186, AMEV or the respective manufacturer’s specifications
  • Hygiene inspection according to VDI 6022
  • Drinking water hygiene inspections according to VDI 6023
  • Ensuring valid normative regulation by using the REG-IS database
  • Monitoring maintenance schedules and ensuring that they are up to date


  • Identifying and offering necessary repair work
  • Renovation measures
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