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Holistic operational management

Constructing complex buildings and operating them economically in compliance with ESG criteria requires coordination between all trades and disciplines and carefully controlled interaction between these aspects.

This is why we value holistic, synergetically designed concepts where all the prescribed and required measures and activities within the building technology are usefully and efficiently coordinated with each other. They must also match the requirement profile for utilisation. This allows optimisation potential to be exploited, negative factors to be permanently mitigated and positive factors to be reinforced.

The aim is to provide the greatest possible benefit to our clients. To do this, we manage processes across the board with holistic building operation in mind:

  • Assumption and implementation of operator responsibility according to GEFMA 190
  • Operation and maintenance of all technical equipment and systems (maintenance, inspection, repair and overhaul)
  • Recurring inspections (e.g. VBG, BGV, ZÜS)
  • Energy monitoring
  • Troubleshooting / fault reporting centre, on-call service
  • System availability / service level
  • Reports on maintenance measures
  • Legally compliant documentation (REGIS)
  • Warranty management
  • Coordination and control of commercial and infrastructural processes / service providers
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