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Energy-efficient system operation – compliance with legal framework conditions

Building technical systems are operated for many decades and incur considerable costs over their life cycle. We at SAUTER have an eye on the technical systems and the set screws that are crucial for economical system operation.

As trained energy consultants, specialist planners and craftspeople, we can take the appropriate measures in every phase of the building’s life. We support you with services such as the adjustment of the systems, mobile measurement technology, monitoring to determine savings measures, control optimisation, but also mathematical verification of the design. We carry out an energy inspection according to German Energy Act (GEG) §74-78 with our specialist engineers. This not only fulfils legal requirements, but also provides you with well-founded information for optimum system operation.

  • Keeping an eye on the set screws for efficient system operation
  • Expertise and product solutions in control technology and building automation
  • Inspection and adjustment of systems in terms of their planning
  • Technical monitoring with SAUTER Analytics
  • GEG§74-78 energy inspection
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