Everyone trusts SAUTER.

Big and small names provide references.

In many buildings familiar to you, SAUTER facility management provides good operating conditions: for example, in shopping centres, properties of the automotive industry, at airports and train stations and in public buildings, trade fair halls, industrial parks and office buildings.

The HighLight Towers in Munich

The two HighLight Towers in Munich, with 28 and 33 storeys respectively, comprise over 1000 m2 per storey and contain, among other things, a seven-storey hotel with 160 rooms, a five-storey office and business centre with 5000 m2 and a three-level underground car park with 752 parking spaces. Energy-conscious SAUTER facility management has led to significant savings in water and electricity consumption, and in the energy demand for heating and cooling. And predictive control with a weather module has enabled additional energy savings. The services from SAUTER enable the property owner and the operating company to achieve its economic and qualitative goals, and the tenants also feel comfortable and expertly looked after.

Deka Immobilien GmbH

Deka Immobilien GmbH manages 235 properties in the largest open real estate fund in Germany. In a portion of this property portfolio, SAUTER facility management ensures trouble-free operation, transparent processes and documentation within the scope of quality-conscious service provision. Tenant satisfaction is a central performance figure for Deka. This is significantly influenced by the people who look after the needs of the tenants on a daily basis. At the same time, the facility managers of the properties also ensure optimised ancillary operating costs

The Donau Zentrum in Vienna

The Donau Zentrum, with a total commercial area of 130,000 m2, provides around 20 million visitors a year and approximately 3000 staff with a superb level of comfort in more than 260 shops, many restaurants and other refreshment facilities, as well as a modern cinema complex with 13 screens. The owners put a strong emphasis on using energy and water resources conservatively. Here SAUTER facility management not only ensures the smooth operation of all the equipment systems around the clock, but provides expert, effective support in meeting the energy-saving goals. The ongoing building modifications required are also coordinated by SAUTER facility management.

Valad Europe: industrial park in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe

Valad is a European multi-let real estate investment manager with the core business of value-adding real estate investment management by means of local asset management teams. For the industrial park property in Ettlingen, SAUTER covers all four areas of facility management expertise: technical, infrastructural, commercial and energy-conscious FM – because Valad values quality- and performance-conscious service provision from a single source. In Ettlingen, things are carried out on a large scale: 121,000 m2 rental space, 20,000 m2 outdoor area, 742 parking spaces, its own car park, 123 gates, 250 fan heaters, 3 gas central heating systems, etc. The collaboration with SAUTER facility management enables smooth operation and valuable support in securing tenant loyalty by means of flexible service provision and creative solutions for the restoration projects at other properties.

Sirius business parks

Sirius is the leading provider of flexible work spaces for small and medium-sized companies in Germany. Many business parks and former industrial spaces have been revitalised to meet customer requirements and equipped for modern use. In this way, large industrial spaces are transformed into lively business centres, providing multi-functional areas with offices, conference rooms and storage and production spaces. SAUTER facility management significantly supports the sustainable value increase of the Sirius real estate fund by means of technical, infrastructural and energy-efficient services. All the services are continuously documented online in the SAUTER customer portal, whether for goods/logistics and security services or maintenance and repair measures.

The Baden health resorts near Vienna

Rich in tradition, the Baden health resorts comprise the Römertherme with wellness centre, the Badener Hof health and spa hotel and the Baden Spa Centre for out-patient treatment. All three businesses are housed in a building complex in the centre of the town of Baden. The demanding requirements for the building technology, maintenance and operation in the nearly 200 hotel and therapy rooms, outdoor pools and whirlpools, saunas and wellness baths are expertly covered by SAUTER facility management, enabling continuous monitoring of the energy consumption and costs. The staff at SAUTER provide these services in every zone of the building complex with total discretion, ensuring that the guests enjoy the greatest comfort.