SAUTER energy concepts for guaranteed savings

SAUTER’s range of services includes drawing up tailor-made energy concepts that take account of the total costs in the building life cycle. We perform a critical comparison of the consumption in your property, with continuous monitoring of the energy-relevant data. Comparing the data with internal and external benchmarks (for example, our own database with energy figures from a large number of reference properties), we create an individual energy concept for your building. In doing so, we calculate all the energy-saving potential in detail and test its economic viability.

The energy concept created comprises specific measures and goals for heat, cold and electricity in your building. Our energy consultants introduce the measures and support their implementation until the goals have been achieved. In the implementation phase, we plan and install the system technology. After the restoration measures are completed, in the main implementation phase we ensure that the energy savings promised are adhered to. Over the contract period, the contractually guaranteed savings refinance your investments in the refurbishment. This means that we implement refurbishments without additional capital investment from our customers.