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Sustainable corporate governance – ESG

There is an increasing focus on improving the sustainability of the real estate industry, as it is well known that the industry is one of the major CO2 emitters in the EU. In order to change this, ESG criteria will be incorporated in the processes of the real estate industry.

Originally, ESG criteria were used in the financial sector for assessing sustainable investments. The three letters stand for Environment, Social and Governance.

„E“ – Environment Climate, resources, biodiversity
„S“ – Social Employees, safety, health, diversity
„G“ – Governance


Risk and reputation management,
supervisory structures, compliance, corruption

Responsible corporate governance at SAUTER

SAUTER has been committed to achieving climate goals as an official ESG Solution Partner since 2020. As one of 14 founding members of the ESG Solution Partners, we are supporting the introduction of a uniform catalogue of ESG criteria and an ESG scoring model in the building management sector.

On the road towards climate neutrality in the real estate sector, SAUTER provides support with in-house solutions for building automation and facility management. Innovative concepts for building automation, digitalisation and energy consulting from planning to execution are just as important as reliable consumption recording and energy management as we continuously monitor how our CO2 footprint matches up to the EU climate strategy.

Due to the importance of sustainability within SAUTER CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are working on our own comprehensive, company-wide ESG strategy. This includes introducing EcoVadis as an independent sustainability rating. The EcoVadis rating analyses sustainability performance in four categories: environment, labour practices & human rights, fair business practices, and sustainable purchasing. Together with ongoing ESG reporting, the rating thus also helps us to track our own sustainability goals.



E.C.O.R.E. stands for ESG Circle of Real Estate and is an initiative for ESG compliance in real estate portfolios. Founded by Union Investment and Bell Management Consultants in spring 2020, the aim of the initiative is to develop an industry standard for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate and portfolios.

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